The Cowboy Breakfast is a long standing tradition since 1979. It is the event that kicks off the Stock Show and Rodeo season with free food and live music!
After breakfast the Party moves inside FREE of Charge with live music.


About Cowboy Breakfast

History of The Cowboy Breakfast

Some say the Heart of America has been lost in the pace of today's society, Naysayers would have us believe that in some Texas cities, we have forgotten the frontier values that made us an independent republic, then the greatest state in the Union. The Cowboy Breakfast disproves all those notions.

Don't believe it? Just take to Cowboys Dance Hall before dawn on the last Friday of January. What you will find in the parking lot is hundreds of people working for the common good and restoring your faith in pride and unselfish teamwork.

Born in 1979 as a kickoff to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, as well as the annual trail rides into town. What started as a modest gathering to support the riders has grown to a giant citywide event on the business and social calendar.

Celebrating the 36th anniversary this year, the 2014 Cowboy Breakfast stands as a monument to community service and a can do spirit that still burns in the Alamo City. Where else will you find hundreds of citizens donating their time, energy, equipment, supplies and money to make breakfast for 55,000 local friends?
Only in San Antonio!

 Here you will find a hearty meal of egg tacos, biscuit with gravy, sausage, bacon, tamales with plenty of coffee, milk and juice prepared and served free of charge to anyone willing to come by, Where else could a crowd this size be fed and entertained by live bands, celebrities and, in the finest Texas tradition, a cow chip throwing contest, all before 9am?
Only in San Antonio!

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